Norwegian Forest Acts also know as the Skogkatt  are a natural breed of cat originating from the forests of Norway. They are documented in Viking folklore sometimes as ‘fairy cats’. This breed adapted to survive in this harsh climate with thick wooly undercoat and harsh waterproof guard hairs. They can swim through a river and remain dry underneath, this double coat.  They have long tails which they can wrap round them like a scarf to keep out the cold and snow. As the summer comes, they lose their winter ‘undergarments’ .  Despite all this fur, they are actually very easy to look after requiring a quick brushing every other week, and weekly when they moult their winter coat.  

Norwegian Forest Cats have an amazing temperament and are very much a people cat, despite their forest origins. They are fun loving, intelligent and often want to be near their human. They are happy to be indoor cats but do often require a companion.

Norwegian Forest Cat History

It is though that Norway's national cat can thank the Vikings for bringing back longhair cats from Turkey and surrounding countries.

Although farmer's were aware of these skogkatts , it wasn't until the 1930's when they were named as a breed of their own right. The Norsk Skogkatt was first shown in 1938 to much interest. World War II hampered the development of the Norwegian Forest Cat. Due to hybridisation (breeding with domestic cats) they almost became extinct in the 1970s.  A concerted effort to save these cats was mounted, even being declared the Norwegian National Cate by the late King Olaf.

FIFe recognised Norwegian Forest Cats in 1977 with Pan Truls being the cat the standard of points was modeled on. With GCCF giving them championship status in 1997.

All of our pedigree Norwegian Forest cats can be traced back to the foundation cats; cats that came from the forest of Norway and nearby countries who fitted the standard of points. There are some famous ones, including Timotei who was rescued oily and greasy from under a tractor. He was bathed in his namesake brand of shampoo. Our cats can be traced back 10 generations to Timotei through the use of the pawpeds database.

Click HERE Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Standard (FIFe) and  HERE  for the GCCF Standard of Points

About Norwegian Forest Cats

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