IC Norskwood Sweetpea and SC Tiganlea King Gillespi, DVM welcomed 6 kittens born into the world on 25th May 2019. They are named after Royal Navy Cruisers with Roman and Greek mythological names.  They live up to their God and Goddess names and are very stunning. I have always admired Gillie for a very long time, he has the most fabulous show temperament alongside fantastic Norwegian type and was over the moon to be allowed to mate Sweetie to Gillie for his last ever litter. Their kittens have inherited both their parents fabulous temperaments, are incredibly playful but equally cuddly.  


Get in touch if you are interested in becoming a Catticus kittens new slave.  

We are running on 3 kittens in this litter until they are 12 weeks old of which 2 will be available after that time as we have decided to neuter Sweetie.  

Catticus Juno

Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby with White 

NFO as 09 23


Gone to live with Claire​

Catticus Dido

Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby


NFO as 09 23


Gone to live with Sandra & Nairne

Catticus Bellona

Blue Silver Blotched Tabby Bicolour


NFO as 03 23


Staying at home

Catticus Phoebe​

Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby Bicolour


NFO as 03 23


Staying at home​

Catticus Achilles

Blue Silver Blotched Tabby with White


NFO as 09 24


Gone to live with Jo & Kris

Catticus Ajax

Black Silver Blotched Tabby with White


NFO ns 09 22


Gone to live with Jo & Kris

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