GB*Catticus Bellona


Bellona was born on 25th May 2019 to Sweetie (IC GB*Norskwood Sweet Pea) and SC Tiganlea King Gillespie, DVM.   .


Bellona is a gorgeous high grade  blue silver spotted tabby bicolour. Her nickname is Licky Do as she loves to wash you. She is the maddest kitten I have ever known, she also has such a loud purr that can rival Montys. 

Bellona has a lovely straight profile, good chin even if her tabby spot tries to convince you it isn't. She is developing a fantastic coat.

We have taken her to a couple of shows and she thinks it is the most fantastic day out as there are people who just want to cuddle her and play with her.

Bellona is GSDIV Negative by Parentage

and PKdef negative by DNA testing

Click HERE for Bellona's Pedigree


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