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Loki also known as CC. It was originally thought he was a girl so he was called Cici but it turned out his super fluffy butt was hiding a pair of pompoms. He got the nickname Loki which stuck as he was a mischievous kitten; with Loki being the Norsk God of mischief.

Loki was born on 3rd march 2014 to IC GB*Norskwood Sweet Chilli and  IC GB* Mountain Spirit Hullaballo.

Loki was our first Norwegian Forest cat and he is the reason we fell in love with the breed. He has the most amazing personality, he is fearless, loves people and wants to be with you despite his grumpy appearance. He loves car rides and going  out and about on his harness meeting new people. His is a cat like his daddy who loves staying in a hotel, and has been known to frequent the bar. 

Loki has the most amazing coat quality, beautiful eyes with a lovely head, good strong boning. His forehead could be more rounded and his tail a touch longer to be perfect.  He has done really well at shows, and has been nominated a few times for Best in Show at Felis Britannica shows.

He traveled to Holland in 2017 for the FIFe World Show, where he got the Excellent 1 and his Supreme Certificate. He took the travelling in his stride and entertained the passengers on the Eurotunnel with us, who wanted to meet the giant Cat who was sat on my lap looking out the car window.   

Loki made FIFe Supreme Premier on 2nd June 2018. He is as high as he can go with FIFe, so he is going to retire from the show bench although we might occasionally bring him out on exhibition as he does love going to a hotel and meeting people. 

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