FIFe World Cat Show

We made the trip to Holland with Skye and Loki for the FIFe World Cat Show. The cats traveled really well in their Sturdi Car-go shelter. This allowed them plenty of space, water and a litter tray for the 8 hour journey. We arrived a the hotel and the cats had great fun exploring the hotel room, whilst the humans met up in the restaurant with other members of team GB.

The Saturday was a long day with us arriving just after the 7.30 am as Nadine was stewarding for the judges we needed to be there nice and early. After setting up their pen the cats mainly snoozed until judging which wasn't until after 6pm.

Both Skye and Loki got Excellent 1 and their certificate! We were so proud if the cats, especially as Skye had been so poorly in the summer and lost lots of weight and had shaved patches for ultrasound scans.

As neither cat got nominated for Best in Show the Sunday was an easy day for them with no judging. Nadine on the other hand was stewarding, although it was not as busy so she was able to do a little shopping from the fantastic vendors there. A new cat bed and a wand toy was purchased. Which got the Skye seal of approval.

Team GB had two world winners, the gorgeous WW'17 Cullykan Nemesis a stunning Persian neuter and WW'17 Amisti Pumbaa another stunning cat but this time a Kurilean Bobtail. Pumbaa is the first Kurilean Bobtail World Winner. Nadine was super lucky in she got to present these two gorgeous cats to the Best in Show Panel!

We had an uneventful trip back, Loki got to flirt with the pet passport team at the Eurotunnel as he went in on his harness.

It's now planning for the 2019 World Show in Germany.

#catshow #travelling #Loki #Skye

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