Sweetie as all cats do, decided that it would be a good idea to go into labour in the early hours of Saturday morning on day 63 of her pregnancy. . To ensure we had the least amount of sleep possible. Her first kitten a large 136g black tabby and white was born at 0410 am, he was shortly followed by an even bigger black tabby boy weighing in at 138g. The 3rd a black and white bicolour was a bit smaller. He came out breech (backwards), unfortunately he was born under her tail and I didn't immediately noticed he had been born. she was busy washing the first 2 kittens. When I found him he was still in his sac and wasn't breathing, I tried reviving him with brisk rubbing and cleaning his nose and mouth. Sweetie then realised something was wrong took him from me and started gently nipping at him and vigorously washing him. This was enough to make him squeak and start breathing.

She had a break and I cleaned up as the first 3 had been born in the middle of the bedroom floor, thank goodness for puppy pads. I moved her into the kittening pen with the three kittens. We knew she had at least three kittens and we saw all three on the screen together during her ultrasound. A few nutridrops she then popped out two black tabby boys literally one after the other. All five kittens were born just before 6am on the Saturday.

They were all chunky kittens, with the smallest weighing 126g and the largest 138g. That is at good size considering most kittens are around the 100g mark. They all latched on and were feeding well even the bicolour who had scared me earlier.

I then settled down for a cup of coffee and a nap and Sweetie had a bowl of her favourite chicken mousse.

#kittens #norwegianforestcat #birth #Sweetie

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