Kittens are 9 Weeks Old

Sweetie's kittens are now 9 weeks old, I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. Now they are fiercely independent kittens, who ignore their Mum when she is calling them to come to her. There are just too many crinkle balls to chase or brothers to fight with.

We took photos to celebrate them being 9 weeks old and to update their new owners. We didn't manage to get any individual photos of Ted (Catticus Furious) as he found it was much better to sit on my head and play with the feather on a stick that I had to get the kittens attention.

They went for their first vaccination and vet check as well. All passed with flying colours and got a toy mouse each for being brave. They got lots of cuddles from all of the staff and were exhausted and slept for the rest of the evening.

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