Viking Cat Club Solihull Show

We went to the Viking Cat Club's Solihull show. Loki, Sweetie and Skye all came for the road trip. The hotel we stayed in was definitely interesting with the avocado bathroom and squeaky beds.

Saturday 24th March

GIC Norskwood Chipotle Chilli EX1 CAPS

CH Norskwood Sweet Pea EX1 CACIB

IC Norskwood Skye this Pup's gotta Fly EX1 CAGCIB

Sunday 25th March

GIC Norskwood Chipotle Chilli EX 1, CAPS and Nominated

IC Norskwood Skye this Pup's gotta Fly EX1 CAGCIB

Sweetie got her final certificate towards her International Champion Title. Not bad for 18 months old and having a litter of 5 kittens! Sweetie decided it was a good time to start coming into call on the Sunday, so we decided to let her have a snooze instead of being judged whilst she was a bundle of hormones.

Loki was a superstar on the podium, insisting his steward had to constantly give him attention and head rubs! Thank you to Charles Spijker for nominaing him.

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