Felis Britannica Ampthil Show

We went to the show with Skye and Loki and met the wonderful Catticus Victorius there for his show debut. The show isn't to far from my parent's house so we stopped over with them. The cats love visiting and exploring their house.

Victor was the star of the day, he was just over 4 months old and he took it all in his stride. He was 2nd out of 4 for the Best in Variety, beating a junior and adult! He also got nominated for Best in Show. The judges was expecting a little 4 month old kitten, and was shocked when Suzy placed this 3.3kg kitten on the table.

Loki and Skye both got the Excellent 1 and their certificates. Skye also got the nomination, well done Skye Pie.

Sunday 15th April

GIP Norskwood Chipotle Chilli EX1 CAPS

IP Norskwood Skye this Pup's Gotta Fly EX1 CAGPIB and Nomination for Best in Show

Catticus Victorius EX1 and Nominatiopn for Best in Show

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